Posted by: oliveaura | May 17, 2009

Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS- Zero Till Farming

Common traditional methods today used in farming require tilling the land in order to cycle the bottom layers up to the top layer in order to bring in more nutrients to the next crop rotation. The problem is that in nature, tilling of this sort really doesn’t occur in most cases.

Tilling is done by clearing the land and then flipping bottom layers of top soil and returning the top layers of the top soil deeper into the ground. That is why you may sometimes see big tactors and machines flipping soil everywhere and then making these nice straight rows. You may even see the land empty with those straight rows.

The problem here is that the soil is exposed to weather conditions. Wind can blow away loose soil, while rain and cause top soil drain-off. The sun can bake the soil and turn it into less fertile land and make the soil weaker.

In nature, when seeds are dropped from a tree or from other plants, they just grow without requiring this extra tilling. Its what makes the plant strong, “only the strong survive”. If it can’t grow this way, that means it was never meant to grow and that is why the farmer needs to go out of his way to ensure this weakling of a plant grows by pumping it with extra fertilizers, nutrients, water and keeping pests away with chemical fertilizers.

Zero-till farms can produce stronger more nutrient plants in the long-run because the plants therein will need to adapt to their new conditions. Moreover, if no one tilled the land and let the stumps of the previously chopped off crops, it could be used as natural compost similar to leaves falling on the ground and becoming natural compost for existing plant life.

Its also less expensive for the farmer which means he doesn’t need to pay the extra expenses of using heavy machinery and additives to the soil.

Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS.


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