Posted by: oliveaura | May 11, 2009

Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS- Monoculture Farms Only?

In today’s world, farming is looked down upon. It’s almost shameful to be a farmer. Think about it! Some farmers are responsible for excess methane gas (thanks to the pigs), flu outbreaks (thanks to the pigs and factory farming), ground water contamination (again, thanks to the pigs), water pollution (thanks to the pigs) and even the destruction of bee populations (thanks to chemicals and pesticides).

If anyone would like to sign up to become a farmer… you can always e-mail us with your resume. Just be sure it states how willing you are to destroy the environment.

Actually, that was a joke. I hope whoever read that caught the fact that I was being sarcastic.

Anyway…really its not all the farmers fault. Its almost the same as general doctors who get overloaded with brand new prescription drug offers, incentives and the like.

Most farmers were pretty much tricked into believing that the notion of farming was so ancient it needed a technological upgrade and without it, farming would cease to exist because of supply – demand issues. Commercial farming was born along with all its siblings: chemical x, destructo- fertilizer, factory farmo and other mutant freaks.

Commercial farming is so bad, excess amounts of unnatural pesticides, fertilizers and water were needed in order to sustain monoculture farming. Doing that led to open-tilling the land for preparation which exposed the earth to the elements which caused massive soil erosion along with contaminated ground water and rivers, lakes and streams from the fertilizer and pesticides.

In a monoculture farming system, too much is focused on one factor- the plant. They fail to realize that even though such plants will deplete necessary vitamins and minerals from the soil, if not replaced.
Due to that, farmers are focusing their efforts on an imbalanced system. That is the reason why they keep pumping excess amounts of water, pesticides, fertilizers and things related to this nature.

Even the system which they pump the water to quench the thirst of the plants is so inefficient that a lot of water in lost in the process, because the whole system is inefficient and imbalanced.

What farmers need to do today, is to switch to polyculture farming of at least two different types of plants that will allow bio-diversity and impede soil erosion and depletion and use a polyculture crop rotation. There is also a fundamental error when it comes to farming which we will speak about later.


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