Posted by: oliveaura | April 30, 2009

Olive Aura Green iDeaS- Dangers of Factory Farming (2)

Intensive Pig Farming

In the US we are farming pigs in cramped factories for intensive farming. We have mentioned earlier problems with medications and superbugs, possible viral strains and just recently, we have had breaking news of a global epidemic.

The flu strain could possibly be created from such industrial techniques. It is highly possible that the pigs had these viruses developed in them due to their living conditions. Morevoer, the pig is a disgusting animal anyway that is born to contract diseases and transfer them to humans. This new swine flu isn’t the only one. Many diseases have been reported to have originate in pigs and then into humans. It is no wonder why the three monotheistic religions have banned this..rat/dog/ freak animal from being consumed by divine order.

Advantages of Pig farming

The only reason why pigs were used are because of their ability to eat anything and everything. It was a living wastebin. Additionally, they crap alot… this is useful for manure production. But they crap.. way too much anyway. Aside from this, the economic benefits lay in the hand of the pig farmer who wants to feed this disgusting animals to people willing to digest its freak meat.

Disadvantages of Pig Farming:

Pig farms create an overload of manure. This overload of manure is seen especially in factory farming of pigs where manure is pumped out into weakly man-made lagoons that usually break and contaminate waters. Once the water is contaminated, the oxygen depletes and viruses, bacteria and diseases thrive. Flesh eating bacteria kills fish and the mist from the water eats the skin away from humans.. an airborne pathogen.

Moreover, the lagoons and pig farms create nasty smells.. so bad that passengers in airliners flying over such ..what should be a no fly zone, get nausea and complain. The neighboring area is also affected by this stinch.

The sound of a pig is awful. We seek refuge in God from satan and pigs…

When people wish to curse, they call someone a pig. Did anyone ever stop to consider why they would say “pig” when cursing? It is because it is a filthy animal.

What you can do to help

Petition to your local and federal government to ban pig.

Stop buying pork

Warn about pork

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