Posted by: oliveaura | April 17, 2009

Cultural Barriers that Perfumers have to Face

Although today modern perfumery has advanced to the point of unimaginable, it is still held back by cultural barriers. Perfumers aren’t meeting their full potential in fragrance creation due to social standards. It is ironic, because perfumera today can recreate almost every scent found in nature and create new scents using synthetics, however, they aren’t able to use them to the fullest extent in new fragrance production.

If anyone were to look at my website, they would not find “for men” or “for women” under the EXOTIC FRAGRANCES line. The reason-being, I personally do not believe anyone should feel ashamed of wearing a fragrance they feel smells good. To me, nothing smells purely female or purely male.

Many “women’s” fragrances smell wonderful and potential customers and profits aren’t exploited due to the label. Imagine some guy at work being asked what he was wearing and he said “Paris Hilton for Women” that would just make people think he was a fruit. But lets change that story a bit and say he stated “Attar Irsaan,” at that point, people would just ask where he got it from so they could smell just as good and no one would think he was a fruit. On that same token, how about if a woman were to wear a musky odor. It has been scientifically proven that men love musky odors, so why would anyone reject a female wearing what a man likes?

In short, these are some of the minor cultural barriers that perfumers have to deal face in our times, or at least in the west.

Popular floral and female oriented fragrances are worn casually in the East. This is because in the east, people like anything that smells good, which is one of the reasons why the East is some of the strongest fragrance markets in the world. Saudi Arabia itself has a market value of over 600 million dollars easily and that excludes agarwood.



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