Posted by: oliveaura | April 15, 2009

Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS- Dangers of Factory Farming (1)

Factory Farming:

“The system of using large-scale industralized, highly intensive farming of animals in extremely tight places with over population indoors”

Factory farming has veered away from the traditional, health, happy small farms and turned it into an unhealthy, unsafe, and unethical idustralized form of farming which has many devasting effects on people, animals, the air, the water and land.

Practicing such unethical methods of farming require more energy, anti-biotics, steriods (due to lack of movement) and a more intensive form of waste managment which is seldomly practiced. The great risks and dangers involved from such industry are potentially catastrophic. Superbugs can be created from constantly pumping anti-biotics ( a worthless effort) to keep the animals alive. Had preventative measures been taken in the first place, there would be virtually no need to pump livestock with pharmaceuticals that will either a) end up in our systems or b) create a superbug or virus that can make its way into the food-chain (i.e that also means YOU!)

Conditions in factory farms are so horrible that animals breathe air infested from their own feces. The food they eat, the cage they live in all have feces surrounding them. emm emm. I love my fried chicken.

Its so healthy, that the government and the people selling these farm animals think its good for you. That is why it ends up in the market and then in your belly. YUMMY!


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