Posted by: oliveaura | April 11, 2009


In the United States of America, we owe it alot to our folks in charge from the past and the present who have gotten us into this ugly and global environmental mess. Our politicians sit back and watch as businessmen destroy the environment and make profit, then turn around and pose to the general public with their multi-million dollar ads and lie.

We all know the oil companies that come on TV and pose as GREEN companies who were always looking to save the environment. … Just play some sweet commercial music in the background, say everything with a smile and everyone will believe you.

People in USA have been trained to believe these pathological liars out of clean-heartedness. If someone has the audacity to lie to you after heavy accusations.. you might as well just say “theres no way hes not speaking the truth, anyone in his situation WOULD BE TOO ASHAMED TO even speak up”.

Arriving Late to the Scene

Another point… why so late? why so late “environmentally concsious” company?

You know, these companies… they remind me of that serial killer who plotted a murder that was made to look like suicide.. and then the killer arrives at the scene and puts on a show for friends, family and the cops… yeah…just like that.

Green Technologies that Aren’t Green ?

Yeah… thats right. You heard it… or read it for that matter.

Green technology cannot be so eco-friendly!

Ex.. new cars today are relying more and more on newer and lighter plastics from these ‘clean green’ oil companies. (Plastics come from oil right?)

They’re relying on keeping the combustion engine in-tact, because it has created so many industries. Breaking those industries means…OMG I think I’m choking.. rich people might lose their unspent money and…(its so hard for me to say.. I hope I don’t tear-up) and.. they might lose their irresponsible companies.

Companies that are “GREEN” are only using sophisticated technology that does help reduce environmental impact, but they’re not using whats more efficient and readily availalbe.

For instance, we hear all this hype about electrical cars, but has anyone stopped to think where our electricity comes from? Most of our electricity comes from burning coal and other harmful sources. The only thing an electric car that runs on batteries of today does is transfer the already needed energy from gasoline and rely more heavly on other industries which are also part of the problem.

What about the batteries?

Batteries for electrical cars are using new chemicals which may have serious impacts on the environment.

What Companies need to do

What companies should do is look for more effecient technology. Maybe technology simpler technology is whats needed rather than highly-sophisticated and costly technologies. Take for example, the magnetic engine. It’s been used in a Japanese motorcycle that’s just been unveiled recently, however, there is even better than that. Sometime around the late 80’s or early 90’s an American created a magnetic engine. Search it on youtube and see what you get. Its called “FREE ENGERGY” We can use such systems for today’s enhancements and tomorrows security.

Less dependance on OIL is what we need, not less dependance on foreign oil. Be careful when listening to politicians and always follow the dollar. Maybe some people are talking about less dependance on foreign oil because they want to drill right here at home?

Please note that I am not against industry, economy, generating profits or synthetics at all. As I’ve stated before, we just need to REDUCE, RESUE, & RECYCLE.

Somethings we just can’t get rid of without serious impact so we need to find ways to help reduce that amount of negative impact to a bare-minimum and reuse things so that they don’t have to end up in our landfills. That also includes SAFE recycling, because not everything that gets recycled is worth it.

Think about it?

Do you want to burn some petro-based plastics that will release deadly toxins into the air and reuse them again in other plastics? Maybe somethings aren’t worth the time and effort, or maybe they shouldn’t been there in the first place.


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