Posted by: oliveaura | March 24, 2009


Olive Aura LLC is increasingly taking measures to shape its company policies into a more eco-friendly business. We believe that we have a corporate responsibility to help preserve nature. Given the current circumstances, we’ve seen how many companies have total disregard for the environment, the people, and themselves by lowering company standards to a level that operates only in terms of dollars and cents.

Here at Olive Aura LLC, our company policies are quite the contrary. Sustaining a company is exactly like sustaining our world; we need to structure it, manage it, and execute operations in a manner that helps preserve our current economic and ecological futures. We don’t want a company that will be short-lived and neither would we want our precious earth to do the same.

Our strong values and innovation draw upon a few single concepts the most weighty of them – GREEN IDEAS.

Not everything in the world can run as we would like, for this reason we must comprimise to help reduce all negative effects on our planet. Many business operations are necessary to help keep our lives running with the standard at which they are today, however, its unfortunate that most of these operations are also shrinking the possibilities for future generations to have a good, clean, and stable life.

Some businesses such as: oil companies, logging companies, chemical-related companies (VERY BROAD CATEGORY so let your cognitive thinking get to work), mining, fishing (significantly depleting ecology in oceans and fresh waters), factory farming, industrial farming, nuclear energy, wildlife poaching and much moremaybe directly or indirectly involved, in one or more of the following where applicable:

  • Deforestation
  • Soil erosion
  • Toxic dumping
  • Wildlife habitat destruction
  • Water contamination
  • Soil contamination
  • Animal food-chain contamination
  • Human food-chain contamination
  • Human & Animal food chain contamination
  • Human and Animal endangerment
  • Air pollution
  • Global warming
  • Creating waste and barren lands

 In addition to what is listed above, there are possibilites that much more is at risk or increasing in danger.

The Predicament?

To some degree there is a predicament, but for many other areas there are clear-cut solutions. Generally speaking, it would be impossible to eliminate many technologies we use today, otherwise it may cause widespread economic collapse, death, impoverishment , and other difficulties even in the health care industry.

By taking a step back, we may get a broader scope about the whole situation. Let’s use a typical situation with what many people are familiar with: RESCUE.

Typical Rescue Situation that Depends on Modern Technology

A friend is skiing in the French Alps and gets caught in an avalanche, but thanks to his hand-held GPS rescue alarm, he  notifies authorities. A rescue helicopter dashes off to the scene, but arrives a little-bit late before they can prevent a chance of hypothermia. Rescue team finds the victim, loads him into a helicopter and places a metallic like blanket originally created by NASA for astronauts. The helicopter gets information on where to fly via radio, satellite, radar and other communication (related) devices. Lands on top of a hospital where the patient is unloaded, given an IV and injected with synthetic medications upon request of a doctor who is acting quickly due to his experience and expert medical training.

Afterwards, the patient heals in the hospital with the help of modern technological computers, machines, devices that help monitor his situation and provide detailed reports for doctors which may help them detect or prevent any other injuries/illnesses.


From this story we can see that through the heavy metal industry, metal was used in the construction of an aircraft which runs on a thermal engine, which needs fuel. That fuel came from the oil industry which also helped boost the chemical industry which in-turn helped create the paint, plastics, medicines, etc that were all used in the rescue method.


What we need instead of devasting technology is GREEN technology and GREEN chemistry, clean-burning thermal engines (we can also use non-combustible or non-thermal engines), GREEN medicines, safer synthetics and wherever possible. Instances in which damage is virtually inevitable should use DRASTIC reduction impact measures which will at least help give us (and the world) a higher degree of safety. That is not to say some industries must stay in existance or to give any of them excuses as to claim they may only use “impact reduction” procedures.

We believe in using the latest technologies that will help reduce and eliminate disastrous technologies, synthetics, petro-chemicals and others in addition to relying on more sustainable and low-tech procedures. Drawing upon traditional methods and integrating them strategically and innovatively with modern technologies are some of the only methods that will help secure a safe feature for us and our children.



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