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Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS- Zero Till Farming

Common traditional methods today used in farming require tilling the land in order to cycle the bottom layers up to the top layer in order to bring in more nutrients to the next crop rotation. The problem is that in nature, tilling of this sort really doesn’t occur in most cases.

Tilling is done by clearing the land and then flipping bottom layers of top soil and returning the top layers of the top soil deeper into the ground. That is why you may sometimes see big tactors and machines flipping soil everywhere and then making these nice straight rows. You may even see the land empty with those straight rows.

The problem here is that the soil is exposed to weather conditions. Wind can blow away loose soil, while rain and cause top soil drain-off. The sun can bake the soil and turn it into less fertile land and make the soil weaker.

In nature, when seeds are dropped from a tree or from other plants, they just grow without requiring this extra tilling. Its what makes the plant strong, “only the strong survive”. If it can’t grow this way, that means it was never meant to grow and that is why the farmer needs to go out of his way to ensure this weakling of a plant grows by pumping it with extra fertilizers, nutrients, water and keeping pests away with chemical fertilizers.

Zero-till farms can produce stronger more nutrient plants in the long-run because the plants therein will need to adapt to their new conditions. Moreover, if no one tilled the land and let the stumps of the previously chopped off crops, it could be used as natural compost similar to leaves falling on the ground and becoming natural compost for existing plant life.

Its also less expensive for the farmer which means he doesn’t need to pay the extra expenses of using heavy machinery and additives to the soil.

Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS.


Today, commercial farming is placing heavy workloads on the farmers, the land, and the economy. Yes, the economy.

Commercial farming exists today because of market dependency on its products that are in demand when products are out of season. It also exists today thanks to genetic engineering and shipping.

The fundamental error of farming today is due to the reasons mentioned above.

When farmers ship their products they need to take into consideration, the shelf-life and quality of their product.

In most cases, you’re going to get a product that looks great, but has the following decencies in it:

  • Taste
  • Vitamin Content
  • Mineral Content
  • Natural Sugar Content
  • Natural Texture
  • Natural Aroma
  • Natural Essential Oil content
  • Cleanliness
  • Overall naturalism of the product

This is thanks to genetic engineering and industrial farming, which takes a monoculture approach that basically takes its toll on the land. It is one of the many reasons why fertile farmlands in USA are becoming barren wastelands. Overexploitation, all due to the dollar and lack of common sense. It is also dangerous to rely on commercial farming because of the distance between the farm and the people as a food security issue and as an ecological issue which should take the upmost care to perserve the land.

Commercial farming has already been proven to be deadly. Take for example, the many stories of spinach food poisoning that happened in recent years and the many similar events which caused deaths, illnesses, and massive recalls which have drastic economic impacts. We can all remember what happened to a few resturaunts who happend to be serving tainted produce and what followed after that.

Small mixed farms are the best option to take because they are:

  1. Self-Sustaining
  2. Organic
  3. Produce Large Varieties
  4. More Nutritious
  5. Virtually No Toxins or Chemicals Used
  6. Soil Conservation
  7. Water Conservation
  8. Virtually Pollutant free

Local farms can also supply food at a faster and higher rate. That means the less time it takes for that produce to get on your plate, the less essentials are lost in the produce itself. Moreover, the less energy is spent on trying to get that produce to the market where it can be sold.

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Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS- Monoculture Farms Only?

In today’s world, farming is looked down upon. It’s almost shameful to be a farmer. Think about it! Some farmers are responsible for excess methane gas (thanks to the pigs), flu outbreaks (thanks to the pigs and factory farming), ground water contamination (again, thanks to the pigs), water pollution (thanks to the pigs) and even the destruction of bee populations (thanks to chemicals and pesticides).

If anyone would like to sign up to become a farmer… you can always e-mail us with your resume. Just be sure it states how willing you are to destroy the environment.

Actually, that was a joke. I hope whoever read that caught the fact that I was being sarcastic.

Anyway…really its not all the farmers fault. Its almost the same as general doctors who get overloaded with brand new prescription drug offers, incentives and the like.

Most farmers were pretty much tricked into believing that the notion of farming was so ancient it needed a technological upgrade and without it, farming would cease to exist because of supply – demand issues. Commercial farming was born along with all its siblings: chemical x, destructo- fertilizer, factory farmo and other mutant freaks.

Commercial farming is so bad, excess amounts of unnatural pesticides, fertilizers and water were needed in order to sustain monoculture farming. Doing that led to open-tilling the land for preparation which exposed the earth to the elements which caused massive soil erosion along with contaminated ground water and rivers, lakes and streams from the fertilizer and pesticides.

In a monoculture farming system, too much is focused on one factor- the plant. They fail to realize that even though such plants will deplete necessary vitamins and minerals from the soil, if not replaced.
Due to that, farmers are focusing their efforts on an imbalanced system. That is the reason why they keep pumping excess amounts of water, pesticides, fertilizers and things related to this nature.

Even the system which they pump the water to quench the thirst of the plants is so inefficient that a lot of water in lost in the process, because the whole system is inefficient and imbalanced.

What farmers need to do today, is to switch to polyculture farming of at least two different types of plants that will allow bio-diversity and impede soil erosion and depletion and use a polyculture crop rotation. There is also a fundamental error when it comes to farming which we will speak about later.

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Olive Aura Green iDeaS- Dangers of Factory Farming (2)

Intensive Pig Farming

In the US we are farming pigs in cramped factories for intensive farming. We have mentioned earlier problems with medications and superbugs, possible viral strains and just recently, we have had breaking news of a global epidemic.

The flu strain could possibly be created from such industrial techniques. It is highly possible that the pigs had these viruses developed in them due to their living conditions. Morevoer, the pig is a disgusting animal anyway that is born to contract diseases and transfer them to humans. This new swine flu isn’t the only one. Many diseases have been reported to have originate in pigs and then into humans. It is no wonder why the three monotheistic religions have banned this..rat/dog/ freak animal from being consumed by divine order.

Advantages of Pig farming

The only reason why pigs were used are because of their ability to eat anything and everything. It was a living wastebin. Additionally, they crap alot… this is useful for manure production. But they crap.. way too much anyway. Aside from this, the economic benefits lay in the hand of the pig farmer who wants to feed this disgusting animals to people willing to digest its freak meat.

Disadvantages of Pig Farming:

Pig farms create an overload of manure. This overload of manure is seen especially in factory farming of pigs where manure is pumped out into weakly man-made lagoons that usually break and contaminate waters. Once the water is contaminated, the oxygen depletes and viruses, bacteria and diseases thrive. Flesh eating bacteria kills fish and the mist from the water eats the skin away from humans.. an airborne pathogen.

Moreover, the lagoons and pig farms create nasty smells.. so bad that passengers in airliners flying over such ..what should be a no fly zone, get nausea and complain. The neighboring area is also affected by this stinch.

The sound of a pig is awful. We seek refuge in God from satan and pigs…

When people wish to curse, they call someone a pig. Did anyone ever stop to consider why they would say “pig” when cursing? It is because it is a filthy animal.

What you can do to help

Petition to your local and federal government to ban pig.

Stop buying pork

Warn about pork

Spread this post around

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100% Natural Honey: Royal Jelly

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a creamy substance found in beehives. It is the food which sustains the queen because it is the most nutrious and most potent honey a mother bee needs to sustain her daily living. Because Royal Jelly is produced in small amounts, its extraction is quite difficult depending on the type of hive being used. Moreover, getting to the queen’s honey is also difficult because of its small area within the hive.  Since royal jelly can easily spoil, many honey collectors mix it with raw honey or lyophilize the creamy substance (i.e turn it into a powder by freezing).

What is Royal Jelly Used For?

Royal Jelly is used as a dietary supplement, an herbal remedy for various aliments and as a sexual enchancer for men. It is also reportedly able to increase fertility in women.

Royal Jelly Contains:

Vitamin B I (Thiamine) 1.5 to 7.4 mcg.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 5.3 to 10.0 mcg.
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2.2 to 10.2 mcg.
Niacin (nicotinic acid) 91.0 to 149.0 mcg.
Pantothenic Acid 65.0 to 200.0 mcg.
Biotin 0.9 to 3.7 mcg.
Inositol 78.0 to 150.0 mcg.
Folic Acid 0.16 to 0.50mcg.
Vitamin C Trace

Royal Jelly Also Contains:


17 amino acids

aspartic acid: 15%

carbohydrates: 12-15%

protein: 12%

lipids: 5-6%


Furthermore, much research has been conducted on the benefits of royal jelly and have had profound results such as: treating cancer, energy enhancement, anti-aging properties, acne treatment, and other healing properties too long for me to list here.









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100% Natural Honey

Natural Honey

Wild honey combs and organic farm-raised bees that are free to venture out and seek wildflowers and trees can only produce superb honey. Olive Aura LLC can supply an assortment of honey ranging from the United States, Africa, Middle East, Indian and Indonesian honey, each of them with their own special properties.

Some of our honey may be used as a powerful sexual enchancer for men and women. Their healing properties are far reaching, invoking the natural enegries generated by the body. Having honey on a daily basis can help sustain and improve a healthy lifestyle only few can experience.

100% Natural honey from Olive Aura LLC is one of the best in the market. If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, it is obvious that we only source from the best of farmers, providing them with Fair Trade opportunities and a higher standard of living.

Informational posts and commercial posts about honey soon to come!

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Cultural Barriers that Perfumers have to Face

Although today modern perfumery has advanced to the point of unimaginable, it is still held back by cultural barriers. Perfumers aren’t meeting their full potential in fragrance creation due to social standards. It is ironic, because perfumera today can recreate almost every scent found in nature and create new scents using synthetics, however, they aren’t able to use them to the fullest extent in new fragrance production.

If anyone were to look at my website, they would not find “for men” or “for women” under the EXOTIC FRAGRANCES line. The reason-being, I personally do not believe anyone should feel ashamed of wearing a fragrance they feel smells good. To me, nothing smells purely female or purely male.

Many “women’s” fragrances smell wonderful and potential customers and profits aren’t exploited due to the label. Imagine some guy at work being asked what he was wearing and he said “Paris Hilton for Women” that would just make people think he was a fruit. But lets change that story a bit and say he stated “Attar Irsaan,” at that point, people would just ask where he got it from so they could smell just as good and no one would think he was a fruit. On that same token, how about if a woman were to wear a musky odor. It has been scientifically proven that men love musky odors, so why would anyone reject a female wearing what a man likes?

In short, these are some of the minor cultural barriers that perfumers have to deal face in our times, or at least in the west.

Popular floral and female oriented fragrances are worn casually in the East. This is because in the east, people like anything that smells good, which is one of the reasons why the East is some of the strongest fragrance markets in the world. Saudi Arabia itself has a market value of over 600 million dollars easily and that excludes agarwood.

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Indonesian Agarwood

Agarwood Straight from the Farms & Straight from the Jungles

Olive Aura LLC has been able to source sustainable harvesting of Agarwood trees from locals with abdundant amounts of agarwood from farms and wildlands. We have been able to process some of these woods into the following:

  • Wood Chips
  • Wood Dust
  • Incense Mixtures
  • Essential Oils

Agarwood collectors are encouraged to plant seedlings or trees whenever they harvest Agarwood from the wild. Such practices can help ensure a secure future for these trees so later generations can also enjoy wild Agarwood.

To purchase some Agarwood products please contact us.

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Sandalwood Straight from the Farm!

Olive Aura LLC believes in sustainable farming and harvesting. We are helping farmers from various places on earth tap into international markets. Fair Trade is our policy when dealing with them. Offering organic and wildcrafted Sandalwood (santalum album) on behalf of our friends overseas works well. We view each other as indespensible partners in this business and as close friends to each other.

Sandalwood offers range from whole logs, chips cut to size, dust and essential oil (steam distilled).

For more information on sandalwood please click here.

To order one of the most precious tree products on earth please email us for any inquiries by clicking here.

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Olive Aura GREEN iDeaS- Dangers of Factory Farming (1)

Factory Farming:

“The system of using large-scale industralized, highly intensive farming of animals in extremely tight places with over population indoors”

Factory farming has veered away from the traditional, health, happy small farms and turned it into an unhealthy, unsafe, and unethical idustralized form of farming which has many devasting effects on people, animals, the air, the water and land.

Practicing such unethical methods of farming require more energy, anti-biotics, steriods (due to lack of movement) and a more intensive form of waste managment which is seldomly practiced. The great risks and dangers involved from such industry are potentially catastrophic. Superbugs can be created from constantly pumping anti-biotics ( a worthless effort) to keep the animals alive. Had preventative measures been taken in the first place, there would be virtually no need to pump livestock with pharmaceuticals that will either a) end up in our systems or b) create a superbug or virus that can make its way into the food-chain (i.e that also means YOU!)

Conditions in factory farms are so horrible that animals breathe air infested from their own feces. The food they eat, the cage they live in all have feces surrounding them. emm emm. I love my fried chicken.

Its so healthy, that the government and the people selling these farm animals think its good for you. That is why it ends up in the market and then in your belly. YUMMY!

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